SEGA Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

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Enter the "Dragon engine" - Explore the world of Yakuza like never before. Yakuza 6 is the first current-gen Yakuza title that was developed from the ground up for the PS4, Introducing the seedy Japanese underworld with detailed visuals, lifelike animations, a new physics engine, interactive storefronts, seamless transitions and more. Explore Kamurocho Reborn and the scenic views of Onomichi - speaking of Dragon engine, the hypnotic lights, opportunistic inhabitants, and hedonistic distractions of Kamurocho look better than ever. Revamped minigames like karaoke, batting cages, darts, hostesses, and the SEGA Arcade have been streamlined for maximum pleasure, and new additions like the RIZAP gym, Cat Cafe, and Clan creator are the perfect distractions after a long night of bashing heads! Fully voiced Japanese audio - For the first time in series history, every line and piece of dialogue is fully voiced in Japanese let the bodies hit the floor - Yakuza 6 Kiryu is a 100% certified thugfed OG, so that means he's a battle-hardened veteran when it comes to the art of Street fighting. Although he utilizes one fighting style this time around, you best believe Kiryu hits like a truck. Devastating combos and bone-breaking Heat actions make a return, but now the Dragon of Dojima can fill up a meter to engage extreme Heat mode. When activated, Kiryu glows blue and unleashes heavy-damage combos with his fists or any "tool" That's close at hand

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