Assassin Creed Rogue : Remastered

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  • Witness Shay's transformation from an adventurous assassin to a grim and committed Templar willing to hunt down his former brothers
  • experience first-hand the events that will lead Shay down a dark path and set him on a course that will forever change the fate of the Assassin Brotherhood
  • cast off in your ship, the Morrigan, and fight your way through the icy seas of the North Atlantic and the narrow waters of America's river valleys
  • defend yourself from Assassins as they attempt to board your ship and overthrow your crew
  • new weapons such as burning oil and the puckle gun that delivers continuous machine-gun-like Fire
  • ram through ice sheets to discover hidden locations and use icebergs as cover during naval battles
  • vast diverse open world to Explore
  • Shay's story will allow you to explore three unique environments
  • experience the Cold winds and towering icebergs of the arctic in this expansive naval playground
  • the river Valley. A large hybrid setting of the American Frontier mixing seamless river navigation and ground exploration
  • new York City, fully recreated as it existed in the 18th century

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